In order to keep Minevictus a safe space to relax whilst also giving players as many freedom as possible, we enforce the a set of rules which we expect to follow. If anyone breaks any of these rules, please contact one of our online representatives.

Respect towards players

We pride ourselves on having freedom of speech, as long as you are being respectful. Keep in mind that there is a large variation in the age and identity of players on the server. You might be asked by our representatives to stop in the interest of protecting the youth and allowing everyone to feel safe.

That being said, joking and swearing is allowed in a fun manner, but be ethical.

Having an opinion is fine, but keep in mind that there is a fine line between stating your opinion and being disrespectful. Minevictus allows civil debates but not non-civil or heated arguments should be kept in personal messages.

There will be absolutely be no hate speech or bullying. We do not tolerate, harassment, sexual harassment, profanity, toxicity, racism, discrimination, or hate towards any players or groups of people.

As certain toxic and/or inappropriate relationships might develop as a result of contact through our network, a staff member might at their own discretion decide to punish the members of these at any point granted the player is aware of the situation and the potential outcome of continuing such relationship. The punishment form, duration, place, and whatever else may apply is fully up to the discretion of the given staff member.

Chat restrictions

In order to keep the chat enjoyable for everyone on the platforms of Minevictus, spamming and advertising third parties is not allowed and may get you punished to the discretion of our representatives.

We don’t appreciate questions about obtaining free ranks or permissions. Most purchasable features are obtainable through our in-game systems. Type /rewards on the server for more information about every perk you're able to earn.

There is a fine line between advertising and mentioning. We allow subtle mentioning of your YouTube channel for example. However, do not misuse this luxury and blatantly advertise third parties.

Griefing guidelines

There is a zero tolerance towards intentional griefing. We review each case of griefing separately, meaning that if it’s a minor grief and you genuinely weren’t aware of what was going on, we may take that into consideration. Do not take this lightly since we want to create a safe environment for everyone online.

It is very important that everyone understands what may be perceived as griefing by our representatives. The general understanding by the community of griefing is;

  1. deliberately vandalizing builds;
  2. stealing items from players;
  3. making changes without permission;
  4. killing players against their will;
  5. any of the above in unclaimed or claimed territory.

Modded clients

We are fairly liberal when it comes to using modded clients, as long as your client modifications do not give you an advantage over other players. There are many hacks which we don’t allow including, but not limited to, x-ray, auto-clickers and flight exploits. However, we do allow modifications which don't have a big game-changing effect such as, but not limited to optifine or minimap modifications.

Exploits & farms

Duplicating entities (mobs) or items is not allowed. Zero-tick farms are not allowed. Every other farm is allowed as of August 31st, 2019. This does not mean we won’t be banning any additional farms which are game breaking and/or make the server lag or become unstable. If you want to create a farm, it’s always good effort to ask our representatives to judge your idea before starting it.

We reserve the right to modify and/or remove your farm if it does create lag or instability, or if we deem it unfair or game breaking. Note that duplicated items or items obtained from exploits, may be discarded per staff discretion.

We kindly ask you to report major bugs within plugins or the actual game to our representatives. Although it is unfair to punish players for exploiting bugs, we strongly warn against doing so as they could potentially give a major disadvantage to other players. Extreme cases may be considered as an offense. Failure in following these rules may result in your temporary or permanent removal from this guild.